1 oz Valkyries Ostara 2023 BU (2.) .9999 Ag

1 oz Valkyries Ostara 2023 BU (2.) .9999 Ag
  • 1 oz Valkyries Ostara 2023 BU (2.) .9999 Ag
  • 1 oz Valkyries Ostara 2023 BU (2.) .9999 Ag
  • 1 oz Valkyries Ostara 2023 BU (2.) .9999 Ag

A superb silver coin depicting the spring goddess Ostara with her deer protector. The 1oz Valkyra Ostara is the second coin in the Valkyries series.

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Data sheet

Germania Mint
Limitovaný náklad
25 000 pcs
1 Oz (31,15 g)
.9999 Ag
Briliant Uncirculated
38,6 mm
včetně 21% DPH

1 oz Valkyries Ostara 2023 BU (2.) .9999 Ag

Introducing Ostara, the second coin in the Valkyries series from Germania Mint. 2023 Valkyries: Ostara 1 oz Silver BU continues the collection of Germanic goddesses, daughters of Odin, who according to Germanic mythology supported the bravest warriors who fell in battle. Ostara symbolizes spring awakening and bloom. With her comes freshness, light and joy.

On the obverse, Ostara, the goddess of the victory of life over death, is accompanied by a deer and a hare, symbols of fertility. According to beliefs, while walking in the snow, the Valkyrie found an injured bird and transformed it into a more cold-resistant animal – a rabbit. Ostara herself is clad in an airy white gown and floral garland. Her neckline is decorated with the Berkanan rune – responsible for vitality and regeneration, female fertility and beauty.

Limited edition: 25,000 pieces / world in collector's quality.

Precisely processed coin combining glossy and matte surfaces. Matte surfaces carry themed scratches from the eagle. The coins will surprise you with their original processing. The Mint supplies the Germania Mint coins with original one-sided convex capsules and a certificate of authenticity.

Apart from proof embossing, this is one of the highest quality silver BU coin!

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