Familiarize yourself with common terms and concepts

Before you buy from us, you can look at the detail of each product on its availability and expected delivery date. After sending the order, you will immediately receive a confirmation e-mail that our system has registered your order and we know about it. You always wait for the second e-mail - the order confirmation, in which you will find out the complete payment instructions

In stock

The coin in stock for you means that we are able to send it within 3 days, usually the next working day. However, before each payment, wait not only for confirmation of receipt of the data you entered, but also for the second e-mail, in which we will confirm your order (beforehand we check that we are able to deliver the coins).

On the way

We rarely use this term, it means that we will be able to deliver the goods very quickly (2-7 working days). E.g. the goods are already on their way from the mint to us.


How does it work, when do you pay and when do you receive coins? If you are interested in a specific coin, pre-sale is a great opportunity to not only secure a coin for the best possible price, but also to secure it at all and not have it sold out. That's right, sometimes limit coin coins are sold out before it is issued. They will be bought by collectors, investors and speculators, who then immediately resell them to the latecomers on the day of issue.

When pre-selling, you usually pay within 3 days (unless stated otherwise), as with coins in stock. For pre-sales, we always state the expected date of stocking or delivery. The delivery date may change independently of our will. It is good to count with it, if you are planning, for example, a gift for a certain day, be careful! Delivery can be moved in both directions. Some coins go to us even before the mint announced. In fact, for your long-term collections and investments, changing the date does not matter.

And what if you bought several coins and one is in stock, the other is not?

In the case of one order, we send the complete order after stocking the last coin. You can track the status of your order in your account. If you are buying a bundle of coins and, for example, one is available for delivery in 2 months, the others immediately, we recommend splitting the purchase into two separate orders.

On order

Coin to order means that we will have it brought to order directly for you. You create a classically binding order as if you were buying a coin. If this is your first purchase with us, we can call you to acquaint you with the operation of the purchase and confirm your serious interest. We will check the availability with the supplier as soon as possible and, if possible, we will fix the price immediately and buy the coin for you. Subsequently, we send you an order confirmation with the obligation to pay the purchase price within 3 days. The delivery date may change independently of our will, see PRE-SALE paragraph 2 above.

In conclusion

For all the above variants, if you order silver, platinum or gold coins, it is necessary to pay them by receiving the payment on our account within 3 days. In this case retail customer can not cancel order! If there are several weekend and holiday days in a row, it is not an obstacle to sit down for online banking and make the payment so that the next working day is credited to our account.

Prices of precious metals may change independently of our will and it is necessary to make a payment on time. Even if you have "changed your mind", you always pay, receive and dispose of the coin according to the changed plans (for example, you will sell it straight away). 

For the purchase of all other items as accessories - capsules, cases, boxes, tubes, gloves, etc. the classic statutory period for withdrawal / return applies.

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