Dispatch time / 0-1 day

For goods in stock. We are really fast. The products in pre-sale ("Předprodej") will be shipped when available, the foreseen availability date may change for reasons beyond our control.

Delivery time / 2-5 days

The delivery time depends on the product and the selected offer, usually the products available in stock are delivered within 2-5 business days of receipt of the receipt.

Packaging / Great!

We perform packaging with maximum precision. We take every care of the safety of packaging for transport.

Payment / In EUR

We accept payment in Eur or CZK. Payment must be made within 3 days. We will let you know the price in Eur after you place your order. Our exchange rate conversion is very fair. NO PayPal or cards. Please, place your order when you mean it serious. Whatever you want to know, ask before you make an order.

Shipping cost for Shipment

Shipment Value / Price incl. VAT

  • Value under 113 Eur / 11 €
  • Value under 416 Eur / 13 €
  • Applie to: Slovensko, Polska, Österreich, Italia
  • Value under 113 Eur / 12 €
  • Value under 416 Eur / 14 €
  • Applie to: Deutschland, Россия, Slovenia, España, France
  • Value under 113 Eur / 13 €
  • Value under 416 Eur / 16 €
  • Applie to: Україна


The prices above are indicative and applicable for 90% of orders. We will confirm the postage manually after sending the order. For shipments of higher value, larger dimensions or for sending to a different country, please contact us on: info@silvermania.cz.