Silver cast bar 100 g Germania Mint .9999 Ag

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Germania Mint silver bricks have an attractive look, hologram, serial number and a gift box.

Kč2,484 včetně 21% DPH
Available in 10 dnů

Data sheet

Germania Mint
100 g
.9999 Ag
včetně 21% DPH
40,3 x 26 x 10,3 mm

Silver cast bar 100 g Germania Mint .9999 Ag

Collectors have already appreciated the first Germania Mint cast bars weighing 1 kg.

The new Germania Mint ingots have increased purity to .9999 Ag, hologram from the back, are sealed in foil and stored in a paper box.

Silvermania s.r.o. is the official distributor of Germania Mint silver cast bars. You will be able to verify each ingot according to the serial number in the mint database.

For the production of all bricks and bars, the Mint uses exclusively LBMA-certified silver of the highest quality.

We have bars in stock or available in 7-10 days.

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