1 kg Silver grain Germania Mint .9999 Ag

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1 kg Silver grain of highest purity .9999 comming in certificate capsule

Kč20,996 včetně 21% DPH
delivery around 14 days

Data sheet

Germania Mint
1 kg
.9999 Ag
včetně 21% DPH

1 kg Silver grain Germania Mint .9999 Ag

Silver Grain is a new Germania Mint investment product.

Product available in weight 1000 g in custom made capsules, secured with hologram seals and labeled with product specification. The product is packed in a Qureco box - ecological cardboard packaging, made of 100% ecological material - no glue or tape was used in the process of assembling.          

Germania Mint silver grain comes only from LBMA certified sources. This assures its purity, originality and high quality.

Silver grain is a large number of regularly sized granules. It is very useful to artisans, craftsmen and in many types of industrial processes. From jewelery making to high tech components that need an extremely conductive, corrosion-resistant, metal inside them (such as electronics and medicine industry).

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