Gold bars 1 oz - 50 x 1 gram VALCAMBI Combi Bar

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Practical gold bars easily divisible to 10 pieces of same weight 1/10 oz gold bars.

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1 oz (10 x 1/10 oz)
.9999 Au

Gold bars 1 oz - 50 x 1 gram VALCAMBI Combi Bar

We present a gold bar from the Swiss foundry Valcambi. Valcambi is the largest gold foundry in the world. They process 3.8 tons of gold in bars and investment coins here daily.

This is a convenient form of holding gold, when you buy the most popular weight of 1 troy ounce, however, it is already divided from the factory into 10 equal pieces (bricks), each weighing 1/10 oz.

This type of brick offers great practicality if you need to sell only part of your gold reserves. This need can arise not only from your personal financial situation / change, but also from a dramatic rise in the price of gold (or a drop in confidence in government money), where 1 oz can have a significantly higher price than it has today.

You divide the table like a chocolate bar and sell as much as you need.

The bricks are enclosed in a solid hard plastic package and a certificate of authenticity is included.

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