TRIO 1 oz Maple Leaf, Eagle, Panda SPACE METALS II 2021

1 oz Maple Leaf 2021 in a new design with space metals color and gold, with coin numbering!

Kč5,290 cena dle §90 zákona o DPH
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Data sheet

Limitovaný náklad
pouze 500 ks/svět!
.9999 Ag
Yellow gold + black ruthenium
Ano, quadrum
Ano, číslovaný
cena dle §90 zákona o DPH

TRIO 1 oz Maple Leaf, Eagle, Panda SPACE METALS II 2021

3 x klasic silver coin new unique numbering laser engraved on the surface of the coin.:

1x 1 oz Maple Leaf .9999 Ag

1x 1 oz American Eagle .999 Ag

1x 30g China Panda .999 Ag

The collector's variation of this coin - Space Metals II is a version in which the Space Pink effect, gold and ruthenium are used to highlight the coin’s beauty. The use of various finishing techniques creates an amazing effect, giving the coin a gorgeous new look.

This is a classic silver Maple Leaf of the highest purity of silver 99.99%, silver US Eagle 99,9% Ag and China Panda .999 Ag uniquely numbered in the relief of the coin. Enrich your collection with this exceptional coin modified by a private mint in a limited edition of 500 pieces / world. The coin can no longer be used as currency.

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