1 oz Royal Arms 2021

Kč1,453 cena dle §90 zákona o DPH
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Data sheet

Great Britain
The Royal Mint
1 Oz (31,15 g)
.999 Ag
38,6 mm
cena dle §90 zákona o DPH

1 oz Royal Arms 2021

The Royal Mint celebrate one of the United Kingdom’s most recognisable and majestic symbols, The Royal Arms. This enduring emblem has signified royalty and strength for centuries. In 2019, heraldic artist Timothy Noad created an interpretation of The Royal Arms for a new bullion range, and the design now makes a return for the third consecutive year. 

The Royal Arms is the official Coat of Arms of the ruling monarch, whose portrait appears on the obverse of this one ounce fine gold bullion coin. Once used on shields and banners in the medieval battlefield, The Royal Arms now takes centre stage surrounded by radial lines, which create a beautiful background and provide an added security feature. 

Each coin is finished to The Royal Mint’s bullion standard. The Royal Arms 2021 Bullion Coin is also available as a one ounce and ten-ounce fine silver edition. Coins can be purchased individually or in tubes containing either 10 gold one ounce coins or 25 silver one ounce coins.

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